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Dipen Nagda, Owner, Cake Curator


At 5th December Chocolatier and Patissier, every delicacy is made with same passion and love, so that it conveys your love, caring and affection to your loved one's.

Started in 2012, by Dipen Nagda, 5th December has been well known for its innovations in taste and mouthfeel. With its customer base spread across India and abroad, we have never failed to amaze them with our quality delicacy. 

Dipen Nagda, an advertising professional, ventured into Patisserie with love and passion for cakes and desserts. He is known for his innovative approach when it comes to cakes and fusion desserts and never fails to amaze his customers. His passion to serve the best and improvising the existing is just commendable. 

Dipen Nagda has always been following one motto, "Give your customers amazing experience in the delicacies worth every ounce spent by the customers, coz Money is as important to  them as it is important to us."

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